Why Are Walking Shoes So Ugly? — The Comprehensive 411

why are walking shoes so ugly
Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

“Why are walking shoes so ugly?” This is a question that must have crossed the minds of so many folks who were in the market for comfortable shoes.

While walking shoes are purchased for comfort, many still hope they turn out to be fashionable and stylish as well. In most cases, getting both bargains is highly unlikely.

Any well-meaning podiatrist will recommend comfort over style any day, and we also believe the same. Harming your foot just for a fashionable perfect walking shoe is unhealthy and not worth it irrespective of the compliments the shoe may get you.

The dilemma between comfort and style

Walking shoe designers make shoes with a purpose in mind. Some of these shoes are designed for special needs. As a result, the design fits the purpose of offering comfort and not style.

Designers agree that making a stylish yet comfortable shoe is quite challenging. If it’s a stylish shoe, it is might not be very comfortable. And if it’s a comfortable walking shoe, then get ready for an ugly shoe.

Are your beautiful shoes making your feet look ugly? Find out more in the video below.

What makes comfortable walking shoes so ugly?

Ugly is a relative word because what you might consider ugly might be cute for another person. Nevertheless, in the world of walking shoes, there is a general agreement that most comfortable walking shoes are ugly.

The reason for this is because of the design and features of such shoes. Three main features that make a walking shoe comfortable are also responsible for why many of them look so ugly.

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Deep Toe Box

Many comfortable walking shoes are designed with deep toe box which is responsible for their bulky look which many do not admire.

This feature like most of the features of a comfortable shoe has its benefits. One of such benefit is the additional height provided which is good for folks with arthritis, bunions, or hammer toes. This way, unnecessary pressure won’t be applied to the sensitive part of the wearer’s toes.

Also, if you normally experience swollen feet, the additional space is just the thing the doctor (in this case, the podiatrist) recommended.

Wide Toe Box

This is another feature that stands out when you pick up a comfortable walking shoe. The ugliness of a shoe can be further amplified if it is designed to fit the outline of a person’s foot.

Folks who wear this kind of shoe based on recommendation won’t want to catch anyone’s attention. Sadly, these shoes call attention to themselves quite easily.

While you might not thank your podiatrist for such a recommendation, your feet will thank you. Shoes with a wide toe box offer adequate comfort and room for your toes. Furthermore, they are perfect for folks with wide foot or bunions.

Strap or Lace

While straps may look good on monk straps and oxfords will never be as stylish without its laces, some comfortable walking shoes just look awful with any of these features. However, these features are designed to help match your foot size.

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We know how easy it is for many to pick a small-sized shoe that isn’t healthy for the feet. But with a strap or lace feature, you can create extra room for your feet to breathe. By extension, you reduce the pressure you would have put on your feet with a shoe that is too tight.

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Recommended comfortable shoes

Now that you know that ugly (comfortable) shoes are for your good, here are a few we think are worth trying out.


Wide toe box? Check! Straps? Check! Birkenstocks offer comfort in simplicity. They can be worn at home and even for short walks. And they can be worn with nearly any type of pants.

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Dansko clogs

While the Dansko clog might not have straps or laces, it has a deep toe box and a wide toe box. Plus, it is designed with an adequate arch to enhance your posture. They can also be worn with everything, thanks to its faded black color.

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Crocs might not be your formal evening shoe or your 10-mile hike shoe; it offers you amazing comfort while at home. This ugly beauty comes in different color and you can buy one with a heel.

They don’t get messed up or damaged by water which makes them perfect for rainy and wet conditions. And it is a garden favorite for most moms.

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They look bulky and clumsy; kind of like what a clown would wear. Nevertheless, Uggs practically hug your foot in a warm comfortable manner. Your toes feel like kids tucked in a warm bed. With such comfort all around, pain is non-existent.

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Next time you feel like complaining about the ugliness of those comfortable walking shoes, think about what they are doing for your feet.

If you have any comments or questions, please let us know in the comments section below.

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