How to Keep Shoes from Creasing When Walking — 10 Easy Tips

After using your shoes for a while, it begins to crease. This is because of your foot’s movement inside the shoes. This effect affects the beauty of the shoe and some folks end up abandoning the shoe altogether.

Before that happens to your shoes, this article will teach you how to keep shoes from creasing when walking.

All you need to do is follow the tips in this article and you might just prolong the life of your shoes. At least for a while before you finally replace them.

Why do Shoes Crease in the First Place

There are a few reasons why shoe crease and we’ll briefly discuss them before giving you some tips on how to prevent creasing. You must understand why creasing occurs so that you can carefully manage them.

We must point out that no leather is crease-free. Therefore, proper management will only make your shoes last longer before they crease eventually.

So why do shoes crease in the first place?

Shoe Fit

An adult should not be thinking that he or she will grow into a shoe. Nah, that ship has sailed a long time ago. That’s why we buy fitted shoes.

So the first reason shoe crease is because there is too much room that allows creasing to occur. It is as simple as that; not rocket science.

Leather Quality

We don’t insist on quality leather shoes only because we want to show off (On second thoughts, some of us do). Anyway, the better the quality of your leather shoes the less likely it is to crease.

Shoe Design

The design of your shoes also determines the extent to which it will crease. Whole cut shoes and plain toe shoes are more likely to crease than semi cap-toe or full brogues.

The reason is that the former pair are made of fewer leather pieces while the latter are designed using at least 4 (in some cases 5) leather pieces. Fewer leather pieces lead to more tension on your shoes when you wear them.

Tips to Prevent Creasing

Now that you know some reasons why shoe crease, let’s look at how to prevent creasing. Isn’t that why you are here in the first place?

Buy perfectly fitting shoes

An oversized shoe will crease over time. The excess space between the leather and your foot will cause the leather to bend. This happens mostly at the toe box.

Therefore, when picking the next pair of shoes, make sure they fit you perfectly and not too tight either.

Before your first wear use water repellent

Using a water repellent protects your leather shoes from ground surface water or atmospheric moisture. This can cause your shoe to crease.

It is also advisable to use it once a year on your shoes. You can get water repellent from most shoe stores or you can get this water repellent now.

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Avoid water

Even with water repellent, your shoes do not become waterproof. Therefore, we advise you to avoid water touching your shoes like the plague, or is it COVID-19 now? (Well, you get the idea).

Apart from creasing wet leather shoes tend to lose their color quickly.

Wear shoes in dry condition during initial outings

Never wear your shoes for the first time under wet and rainy conditions; at least for the first 5 outings. Constantly wearing them in such conditions will cause them to crease.

If by any chance you wear them in such conditions, leave your shoes for a while to recover before using them again.

Don’t wear dress shoes consecutively

We know this might be tough for some folks but if you want to preserve the life of your shoes, you need to obey this.

Wearing shoes consecutively will cause the moisture from your feet to rest in the leather and cause it to crease.

So instead of wearing your shoe back-to-back, give it at least a day to dry and get rid of the moisture in it.

Make use of a Shoe Horn

For those who don’t know what a shoe-horn is, it is a flat object used to help you slip your shoe’s heel over your foot.

Making use of this object will prevent creasing and break down of the heel of the dress shoe.

You can get a shoe horn from shoe stores or simply get this shoe horn right now.

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After using your shoes put them on a shoe tree

A shoe tree is designed to remove moisture from your shoes and keep them in shape. When your shoes are kept this way, the chance of them creasing is greatly reduced.

Just like the shoe horn, you can get a shoe tree in a shoe store or just get this shoe tree now.

And in case you can’t get one, you can stuff newspaper or tissue-paper inside your shoes. Mind you this isn’t as effective as using a shoe tree.

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Fill shoes with socks

Although this does not replace the tip above, however, you can use this to keep your shoe in shape while traveling.

Just roll-up your socks and stuff them into your shoes. This is for when you’re traveling and not after you get to your destination.

Placing used socks in your shoes that also absorbs foot moisture like your shoes is equally bad for your shoes.

If your shoe is pointed, use toe taps

Pointed-toe shoes are more likely to get creased than flat-toe shoes. This is why toe taps are designed.

Toe taps are little discs that can be fixed to the tip of pointed-toe shoes’ sole. Because wear begins from the tip of your shoe’s sole, these discs are fixed there to prevent such.

A professional cobbler should fix a toe tap on your shoe so that you won’t destroy your shoe in the process when trying to do it.

Condition your shoe leather once in 3 months

With a leather conditioner, you can keep your leather shoe suppler and soft. This way, even if the shoe bends the crease won’t be permanent.

Conditioning leather shoes should be done at least once in 3 months. We recommend you do this more often if you live in a dry region.

A leather conditioner can be gotten from a shoe store or you can get this leather conditioner now.

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Watch the video below to learn more.

Using Leather Oil to Remove Creases

You can remove the creases on your leather shoe with leather oil. The steps below will guide you on how to use leather oil to remove creases.

Step 1: Dampen crease with the leather oil

While doing this, make sure the crease is well-saturated with the leather oil. Do this until the leather is supple.

This oil will prevent the shoe from any damage when the heat is applied to the leather later on.

The leather oil can be gotten from any shoe store. Just make sure you get either neatsfoot oil or mink oil.

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Step 2: Soften the leather using a blow dryer or a heat gun

Use the blow dryer or a heat gun to make the leather soft. Do not stay in one spot while applying the heat above 2 to 3 seconds. This process should not last more than a minute.

It is advisable to do a test on a small portion of your leather shoe that is not visible. This will prevent you from damaging your shoe because heat can discolor the leather.

Step 3: Rub the shoe till the crease fades

After step 2, massage your shoe by stretching and smoothing the crease. Do this until the crease fades.

Step 4: Place a shoe tree in the shoe and allow it to cool

Place a shoe tree into your leather shoe and allow it to cool. Make the shoe tree as tight as you can but not too tight.

Final Words

With the tips and the steps above, you can now prevent your shoes from creasing.

If you have further questions or comments, please let us know in the comments section below.

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